The Club plein air… a little history

The Club plein air de Caraquet is a non-for-profit organisation established in May 1989 and its objectives are: the promotion of sport as an outdoor recreational activity, through the organisation of multiple outdoor activities and by providing technical services and access to its facilities to members.

Its effective operation is possible thanks to numerous volunteers, generous sponsors and memberships.

The Club plein air de Caraquet is a member of SentierNBTrail.


Luc Robichaud, general manager

Joël Landry, maintenance and grooming
Thierry Dugas, customer service
Maëlle Dugas, customer service
Naomie Blanchard, customer service
Stéphanie Landry, customer service
Elodie Léger, customer service
Kathy Godin, customer service

Board of directors

The board of directors for the 2017-2018 season consist of:

Frédéric Léger, president
Eric Léger, vice-president
Maud Michel, treasurer
Julie D’Amour-Léger, secretary
Paul Dugas, advisor
Philippe Lanteigne, advisor
Mathieu Fortin, advisor

Les Élites du Nord-Roi

Les Élites du Nord-Roi ski club is affiliated with Cross Country New-Brunswick and Cross country/Ski de fond Canada. Most of their coaches are certified by the National coaching certification program (NCCP).

Christian Thériault, Competition coaching: Introduction
Claude Pelletier, Community coach
Daniel Brassard, Community coach: Introduction
David Lanteigne, Community coach: Introduction
Denis Dugas, Community coach
Dominic Brassard, Community coach: Introduction
Elodie Léger, Community coach
Eric Léger, Community coach
Guylaine Chiasson, Community coach
Jean-René Gallien, Community coach
Lucie Thériault, Community coach
Maëlle Dugas, Community coach
Monique Godin Lanteigne, Community coach
Monique Landry, Community coach
Naomie Blanchard, Community coach
Paul Dugas, Competition coach: Development
Stéphanie Landry, Community coach: Introduction
Thierry Dugas, Community coach: Introduction

Introduction to mountain biking program

The Club plein air de Caraquet is a member of Velo NB. Most of our coaches are certified by the Sprockids program.

Émilie Haché, Sprockids coach
Eric Léger, Sprockids coach
Frédéric Léger, Sprockids coach
Guylaine Chiasson, Sprockids coach
Luc Robichaud, Sprockids coach
Marc-André Poirier, Sprockids coach
Martin Lanteigne, Sprockids coach
Monique Godin Lanteigne, Sprockids coach
Monique Landry, Sprockids coach
Pierre-Marc Brideau, Sprockids coach

A little bit of history

In May 1989, the cross country ski club became the Club plein air Caraquet inc.

In April 1993, it was decided that the 3.5km ski trail would also be used as a family biking trail; it was inaugurated in 1994.

In Decembre 1994, Les Élites du Nord Roi ski club asked permission to use the CPAC ski trails for training. Then in 1995, at their request, a skating trail was completed in the 3.5 km trail with their engagement to provide technical lessons to CPAC members.

 In 2000, the board of directors decided to increase the focus on ice skating as their membership seemed to be greater than that of of the skiers.

Then in 2001, a long and fruitful relationship between the town and the CPAC was established along with the loan of the Massey Ferguson for the maintenance of the ice rinks.

In 2008, it was decided to complete snowshoe trails with the option to rent equipment.

In 2009, an extension to the building was built for the cross country ski competition equipment.

In 2013, a dog park is part of the hockey rink.

In 2014, work begins on future ski and mountain bike trails, with their inauguration in 2015.

In 2016, the CPAC will welcome athletes from the Jeux de l’Acadie for the mountain biking event.

Crédit photo : Éric Léger
Crédit photo : Jean René Gallien
Crédit photo : Julie d'Amour-Léger
Crédit photo : Linda Dalpé
Club plein air de Caraquet skating rinks